C&J Black offers advice and representation for Plaintiffs or Defendants in commercial disputes whether in the High Court or County Court. We deal with a wide range of areas including the supply of goods or services, franchising, freight/transport and construction.

We liaise closely with clients and experts to ensure that there is a comprehensive and cohesive approach to the case.

The Commercial Court Practice Direction states that:-

“The aim of the commercial list is to provide those engaged in commercial litigation with a venue and procedures by means of which their disputes may be justly and expediently resolved. The Commercial Court specifically recognises the importance to the commercial community of economy, efficiency and the maintenance of good business relationships and accordingly the Court is anxious to encourage serious attempts by the parties to enter into productive negotiations with a view to achieving a mutual satisfactory resolution of the litigation, or at the very least, identification and reduction of disputed issues at an early stage in the proceedings.”

We endorse and support this ethos recognising that commercial clients want to concentrate on transacting and developing their business. If they do have to resort to litigation it must be dealt with in a cost effective and expeditious manner.

We also undertake emergency cases at short notice, including judicial reviews and injunctive relief across a range of issues including media and broadcasting relating work.

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