The last thing you can do for your family is to leave your financial affairs in order. Everyone who has assets of any value should have a Will to ensure that on death their property is distributed according to their wishes, rather than in accordance with the Intestacy rules. This becomes especially important where the family circumstances are complicated or where any of the family have particular needs.

When considering making a Will, it is necessary to consider the current tax rules. We can provide you with advice and assistance to make a Will to mitigate or manage your Inheritance Tax liability. We can provide you with advice in relation to lifetime gifting and family trusts, for tax planning and otherwise. Where appropriate, we are happy to work with you and your other professional advisors such as accountants and financial advisors to achieve a unified strategy for your financial planning.

It is important that once you have made a Will that you keep it under review. Whilst we strive to cover a range of eventualities when drafting your Will, it is impossible to cover all possible scenarios, and so it is important that you consider your Will when circumstances change. For example, a Will which you prepare when your children are small is unlikely to be as appropriate when they have grown up and have children of their own.
We provide a comprehensive service, advising on all aspects of estate planning, both personal and financial. We are happy to arrange home visits to facilitate our clients.

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